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Our church furniture goes beyond temple chairs and Bible School rooms. We have a wide variety of furniture such as bookcases, desks, executive chairs for pastors or administrative offices, armchairs for the altar and more. Our tables and shelves are also very practical to equip your classrooms or libraries.

We have the furniture you need for your church at the best prices with the best quality and real warranty. We improve the price of the competition and deliver anywhere in the world. We offer volume discounts and payment by installments if you qualify.

Armchairs and Sofas

Our elegant armchairs and sofas give a touch of comfort and good taste to the altar area or the pastoral office. You can also use them in waiting areas, meeting and counseling rooms, etc. They are made of excellent quality wood and upholstered in black or burgundy material. We have several models and sizes to sit one, two or three people at a time. If we do not have it in stock at the moment, we can make a special order.

butacas y sofás B809


butacas y sofás B959


butacas y sofás BR99801


butacas y sofás BR99802


butacas y sofás BR99803


Tables, Desks, Bookshelves and Organizers

You will be surprised at the wide range of furniture we offer to equip your church and have everything organized. We have a series of matching tables, desks, bookshelves and organizers. You can get them laminated or with a more elegant and durable wood finish (veneer). We have square, round and oval tables the right size to fit your space. You can also get the file cabinets and bookshelves in combination of one or several drawers and shelves.

muebles para pastor pl27


muebles para pastor ple35


muebles para pastor pl2448


muebles para pastor pl-hutch

PL Hutch

muebles para pastor pl56


muebles para pastor PL112


muebles para pastor ple53


muebles para pastor ple56


Other Church Chairs

Many churches have reception areas, waiting rooms, multipurpose rooms, bookstores, dining rooms, etc. We can help you furnish each of these areas with our variety of chairs and furniture, in addition to the chairs for the temple. Do not hesitate to contact us to find the best alternatives and offer you the best price by volume.

salones alteres vip church

Vip Church

salones alteres ccwa


salones alteres pm9528


salones alteres pm9501s


salones alteres PM9520GF


salones alteres pm9505s


salones alteres pm301


salones alteres pmk-kid


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